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Way back in 2005, when was started as a hobby, the main motto of the setup up was to provide ‘100% Satisfaction’ to the travellers coming to Goa from the domestic as well as the foreign sector. Today, in 2015, as this online portal stands strong, and celebrates its 10 years of existence in a successful way and the motto has developed not only to satisfy the customers but to provide a ‘Delightful Experience’ they can remember.

The Goa Travel Experts, besides providing the Best Deals,  make sure that the customers are provided ground assistance at the destination. It includes making provision for allied services like the Car Hires, Cruises recommendations, Sightseeing trips arrangement and also offer suggestions of the various outlets in Goa for dining, nightlife, adventure and other activities to do while in Goa.

The company has handled over 10 lakhs of customers and is known for providing the lowest deals for some of the best preferred hotels in Goa. The concept of working very closely with some of the best hotels, who provide quality hospitality experience at a reasonable value, is the key aspect of the company and has helped the company develop into a reputed brand over the last ten years.

A customer is taken care of right from the time he puts up a query on the website, until he leaves the destination with beautiful and memorable experience. The various stages at which he interacts with the professional Travel Experts give him a surety of a trouble-free holiday trip and a guaranteed value-for-money experience. Some of the clients of the company have referred the brand to their network and the others have spoken / written high about their wonderful experience.

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Tomaturgo’s Ox-Driven Ghanno

[ Below Content from one of the pages from a book by Mr Pantaleao Fernandes, a prominent writer and photographer, who is working hard to keep the traditional Goan Lifestyle alive.. BUY THE BOOK FOR A SPECIAL PRICE HERE : TRADITIONAL OCCUPATIONS OF GOA, A Facet Of Goan Culture And Identity  by Pantaleao Fernandes ]

Tomaturgo Fernandes, a resident of Agonda, is ever busy these days. The summer is peaking and so is his business, which is seasonal. The hot sun helps people in his village to dry their khobrem (dried coconut kernel) which is then brought to him to extract oil. He rises rather early and gets to work, as he does not like to disappoint his customers.

At around 8.00 am, Tomaturgo goes to the small outhouse that houses the Ghanno (oil mill). He takes the khobrem from his customers and empties it into the hopper of the Ghanno. But wait a minute – this Ghanno is not like the metal ones that are seen in other oil mills around Goa. This one here is made, yes, of wood! Right from the base to the pestle! And hold on – it is not connected to any electric motor. So how does it run?

Just then Tomaturgo enters the shed with his power – a healthy ox! Leading it to the yoke, he harnesses it and the contraption is ready to go. “Chol, puta, chol (go my son, go),” he coaxes the ox which readily obeys its kind master. Ox and master then drive the Ghanno, round and round and round they go. “Chol, baba, begin chol (go dear son, hurry up),” Tomaturgo urges the ox. A few hours later both the ox and the master are tired. Tomaturgo removes the harness from the ox and leads it near a haystack to feed. Another ox takes its place. After a small drink of water, Tomaturgo is back in action, “Chol, shanno mozo, chol. (Go my wise one, go.)”

Once he takes a break for lunch, he can spare the time to speak about the parts of the Ghanno. “This here is the dadi,” he explains, pointing to a bowl shaped wooden vessel in which the base of the pestle grinds the khobrem. “And this is the mussol,” he says, pointing at the pestle. “Here is the toprem and this is the kator, on which stones are placed as per the tension required to crush the khobrem,” he explains, pointing at the tensioning-bar and the weight-bearing platform respectively. “While most of the Ghanno is made of jack wood, the dadi and the mussol are made of kosum, a harder wood or else it will wear out soon. Kosum wood lasts up to five years while the other parts last up to ten years. A local carpenter comes to repair the Ghanno as and when required.”

“This Ghanno is about forty years old,” Tomaturgo points out proudly. “It was set up by my father who operated it for a long time. Now it is my turn. While I run this one, my wife runs the other,” he says pointing at another wooden Ghanno. “However, the base of that one is of stone,” he indicates.

Ask Tomaturgo if he knows about environmental pollution or carbon footprints or carbon credits and you are sure to draw a blank. Actually, he must be a billionaire in carbon credits but no bank will issue him a credit card. While his carbon credits must make Mother Earth feel proud of this son of the soil, he has to depend on rearing pigs to supplement his income and feed the hungry mouths at home. He has to walk many kilometres a day coaxing his ox, merely to keep body and soul together. While the rich folks warm the globe, Tomaturgo does his bit to cool the earth. He is a true warrior for mother earth, one who arrived on this earth without any fuss and will probably leave it without much fuss, working quietly, doing his bit. He gets no recognition, no awards – except perhaps the appreciation of grateful villagers and abundantly peaceful sleep after a hard day’s work.


Rendeir Maam’s Tap Dance With A Coconut Tree.

[ Below Content from one of the pages from a book by Mr Pantaleao Fernandes, a prominent writer and photographer, who is working hard to keep the traditional Goan Lifestyle alive.. BUY THE BOOK FOR A SPECIAL PRICE HERETRADITIONAL OCCUPATIONS OF GOA, A Facet Of Goan Culture And Identity  by Pantaleao Fernandes ]

Some Goan villagers are more fortunate than others. In places where the rendeir is still active, the people around enjoy the melodies that he whistles as he climbs up and down.

One can watch with fascination as a rendaeir maam (toddy tapper) climbs the coconut tree, whistling melodious tunes. Especially cut footholds into the tree trunk allow him to climb with ease and dexterity. Once he reaches the crown of the tree, he sits on the stem of a leaf, lifts the damonnem (a specially made earthenware container) off the pod and empties the fresh toddy accumulated into the dudkem (an oblong container made out of a dried out pumpkin). A thin slice of the pod is then shaved off with a smooth motion of the cati (a chopper shaped like a question-mark). The pod is then tapped with the handle of the cati, the damonnem placed back over the pod followed by a quick descent from the tree.

Not too long ago (during the pre-Liberation days) the rendeir community would enrich the coffers of the treasury department, enabling it to pay government salaries. Since the profession was spread all over Goa, a substantial rend (tax) would be collected. Hence the toddy tapper came to be known as the rendeir, i.e. the tax-payer.

In the days gone by, large quantities of sur (toddy) were used in Goa not just to distil feni (local liquor), but for other uses as well. The early morning bread was leavened with toddy instead of yeast. That gave the Goan bread its unique taste and smell.


Water Sports Activities in Goa !


Goa this season, has tremendous opportunities for the water sports lovers, below are some of the water based activities you could try while on your holiday to Goa.

Dolphin Trips Goa

 Dolphin Trips in Goa :  Dolphin and crocodile spotting trips are  very famous in Goa. Some of the prominent beaches which have operators providing this activity are Candolim Beach Goa, Calangute Beach Goa and Palolem Beach Goa.  Coco beach is quite a famous spot for dolphin spotters. #DolphinTripsGoa  #CrocodileSpottingGoa #GoaBeach #BookGoaHotels

Banana Rides in Goa

Banana Boat rides : Another exciting ride along the coast, which is quite preferred by a tourist group in Goa is the Banana Boat Rides. An inflatable boat similar to the shape of a banana is used for Banana Boat Rides in Goa. Its fun when the banana boat criss-crosses the waves and the excitement is quite a thrilling one. Calangute and Baga beach are famous for Banana boat rides. #BananaBoatsGoa #BananaRidesGoa #GoaBeach #BookGoaHotels

Parasailing in Goa

Parasailing in Goa : Yet another exciting activity which is famous within the domestic tourists to Goa is the Parasailing activity in Goa. Imagine you can see the entire beach shore, through a birds eye view. No wonder this activity is something which a tourist in Goa wants to experience again and again.  Candolim, Calangute and Colva are hot spots for Para sailing in Goa.  #ParasailingGoa #ParaglidingGoa #GoaBeach #BookGoaHotels

 wind-surfing-goaWindsurfing in Goa : Windsurfing experts and professionals who provide windsurfing activities in Goa claim that the Donapaula / Bambolim bay is a perfect and ideal location for the beginners. The experience of chasing by the wind and for the wind is quite a exhilarating experience for a windsurfer in Goa.  #WindsurfingGoa #SailinginGoa #GoaBeach #BookGoaHotels

Water skii

Water Skiing in Goa : Love speed, then water skiing in Goa is what you should not miss. High speed boats provide a mind blowing experience which is surely a life time experience for some tourists coming to Goa. Some resorts in Goa provide these speed boats or jet skiis as a complimentary trip included in their packages. #WaterboatsGoa #JetskiingGoa #GoaBeach #BookGoaHotels

Besides the above, mentioned below are some water based activities available in Goa.

Dinghy Sailing in Goa
Snorkeling in Goa
Scuba Diving in Goa
Private Boat Trips in Goa for fishing, angling and crab catching
Private Yacht trips
Overnight Cruising along the inland waters of Goa
Crocodile Dundee
Sea Walking in Goa
Swimming in Goa

 You can get special discounts and offers through #BestGoaDeals when you combine your holiday trip with hotel and water sports activities in Goa. Reach out to us to know more on 0832 6711999.

Going underwater in Goa with someone you can trust!

It seems this year #Goa will see a more polished version as a tourist destination and besides beaches, fun, nightlife  and celebrations… they  wish to explore more about the place then anything else.

Though many locals have tried to develop small sports and adventure activities which will  surely get your adreline  rush through and excite you… scuba diving in Goa  is one of the most seeked activity by the locals, domestic and the international travelers. Scuba diving in Goa includes diving for pleasure, for career and for rescue training… However every such category course requires certain mandatory criteria to be fulfilled.

#BestTourismDeals offer Scuba Diving and Snorkeling  opportunities to the enthusiast tourists who expect quality diving and learn important aspects of it. Though the visibility  of the diver  underwater may not be as clearer as in the Andamans  or in the South East Asia, every client we have handled have had a reasonably delightful experience.

The two day program ‘Discover Scuba Diving’, which is the most preferred program starts with a training  session  on Day 1, at a swimming pool in North Goa resort. The diver is explained various underwater signs and signals so that he is prepared for the next days dive. He is then provided with the equipments he will handle during the dive like the gas cylinders, weights, fins, etc. He is explained how he has to value the life underwater and his footprints don’t  disrupt the nature underneath.

The next day begins early morning where the group of those who have finished their training the previous day starts for the dive site  voyage in a motor boat with professional instructors. At the dive location you are given a final briefing and you along with the professional instructor go to the depth of about 30 – 40 feet to explore the beauty in the blue. A typical dive is for about 20 to 30 minutes under the Discover Scuba Diving program. You return back with some thrilling memories, great excitement and if you are a water baby, you would want to do it once more!

Snacks and water is served to keep you full during the trip.

To know more about the scuba diving and how you could get the thrill of being underwater appreciating the corals and life out there, call our travel experts who will guide you with detailed information about your next scuba trip.

For enquiries please call us on 0832 6711999 or write to us on

Celebrations lined up @Goa : The Party begins


November, December and the January months in #Goa are quite filled up with events, celebrations and parties… here is a glimpse of whats lined up ahead for the month of #November2014.

20th Nov – 30th Nov 2014 : International Film Festival of India

More commonly known as as IFFI (#IFFI, read more on it here), the 45th version of the same, has been inaugurated yesterday at the ESG Building, Panjim, Goa. Superstars, Amitabh Bacchan &  Rajnikant, graced the inauguration with their presence. IFFI is considered to be India’s biggest state-backed festival, and this year there is an impressive line-up of 170 films in the ten-day event. You will see a lot of buzz if you are in Goa during this time, and who knows you may come across a celebrity or two who may be just hitting the streets around. At we have received a lot of queries from individual artists and film troupes for their stay arrangements in different category hotels in #Panjim, #Calangute and #Baga areas. Goa is the permanent venue for the IFFI Festival.

If you are still looking for budget accommodations during the #IFFI2014 #IFFIGoa visit us on our website and our Travel Experts would help you with the best available options.


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22nd Nov 2014 – 4th January 2015 : Exposition of the Sacred Relics of St Francis Xavier.

 { Below context copied from website :

 St.Francis Xavier, born Francisco de Jasso y Azpilicueta, on 7th April 1506 was the sixth and last child born to Dr. Joao de Xavier and Maria d’Aspilcueta at Xavier castle, Navarra(now part of Spain). He was a Roman Catholic missionary who preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Asia and was the co-founder of the Society of Jesus. #StFrancisXavier was beatified by Pope Paul V on 25th October 1619, and was canonized by Pope Gregory XV on 22nd March 1622. Pope Pius XI proclaimed him the “Patron of Catholic Missions”. His feast is celebrated on 3rd December. The body of St Francis Xavier which miraculously defied the laws of nature, of turning into dust, lies till this day in a silver casket in the Church of Bom Jesus Basilica in Goa, India. Ceremonies to honor his death are performed on December 3rd, all over the World, the day he was buried . The exposition of the sacred relics of St. Francis Xavier which is held every 10 years will be held this November from 22nd of November 2014 till 4th of January 2015, which will be the 17th public Exposition of the Sacred Relics of the Saint. The theme for this Exposition is ” Faith Creates Communion, Strengthens Family, Commissions to Renew the Society ” }


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You can avail the services of our company our just search for the best options on #BestGoaDeals to book your stay close to the #Old #Goa #Churches as we have excellent rates with the #GTDC Old Goa, which is just a few minutes away from the Exposition site. Please visit us on our website here to make your reservations. Call us on 0832 6711999 incase you need any assistance.

 In a future post we will let you’ll know about the events for the month of December 2014, so keep reading our blog and do comment if you like our posts.


Climb Up to the Panjim Church

Panjim Church Goa



To reach the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Panjim, one has to climb 100 steps arranged in a majestic fashion, for the Church sits majestically atop a hillock dominating the the-panjim-church-at-nightheart of the city and offering a bird’s eye view of the main square.
Though it existed as a chapel before 1541, the whole structure was rebuilt from its foundation in 1619 and the artistic staircase was added to it in 1870. The huge bell on the belfry once belonged to the Monastery of St. Augustine, Old Goa, and is second in size only to the Golden Bell of the Sé Cathedral at Old Goa. It has an inscription and weighs about 2,250 kilograms.
On the 8th of December, the feast of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception is celebrated at the Church in great pomp and religious fervor. The church is artfully lit at night and a lively fair occupies the entire church square.


Get into the Wilderness Goa






Goa hugged by the Western Ghats, offers ample opportunity for the wildlife enthusiast to get very personal with nature. The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary (46 km from Margao) is densely tree-top-machan-at-cotigaopopulated by tall trees of the moist deciduous type. Watch towers strategically located near water holes afford excellent view of the wild life . Similarly the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary at Mollem (42 km from Margao) beckons the nature lover with its meandering rivulets and seductive charm!


Chase Crocodiles in Cumbarjua


For nature enthusiasts, these crocodile sighting boat trips (Cortalim jetty, 17 km from Margao) are a treat. These marsh crocodiles locally known as the ‘mannge’ are found mainly in the Cumbarjua canal, that links the two major rivers of Goa, the Mandovi and the Zuari. These flock-of-white-ibis-cumbarjuacreatures have a tolerance to the varying degrees of salinity of these waters, which ensures their survival.
The crocodiles are usually seen basking on the bunds or just swimming around minding their own business, and do not attack unless provoked. Besides crocodiles, a large variety of bird life and fishing activities add to the ‘wild’ pleasure.

back waters in goa

a-ride-into-the-era-of-MaharajaThe much sought after exotic elephant ride costs a whopping 500 rupees elsewhere in Goa, but at the Bondla wildlife sanctuary, you can ride like a maharaja for a paltry 20 rupees! Other lofty-perch-of-the-Brahminy-kiteattractions include a mini zoo which houses an impressive collection of snakes, including the elusive king cobra. A bird-watcher can unwind at the cottages within the sanctuary and lookout for birds like the grey malabar hornbill, paradise flycatcher, golden backed woodpecker and the racket tailed drongo. Located at 24 km from the town of Ponda, the zoo remains closed on Thursdays.